If you are a man with thinning hair, you don’t have to shrug and accept it. You can absolutely do something about it and defy genetics. You deserve the best available treatment and solution, from S3 Hair Transplant.

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-DHT may contribute to the shortening of THE growth phase of hair follicles, causing them to shrink until there are fewer visible hairs left on the scalp.


At S3 Hair Transplant, we specialize in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants, the most advanced technique currently available for clients looking for natural hair restoration results. 

During an FUE hair transplant procedure, we harvest individual hair follicles from the donor area, usually of the back of the scalp and temple areas. We then carefully implant the follicles to the areas of the scalp where the hair is thinner or completely absent. In our FUE single-day mega sessions, we move 2,500 or more follicular unit grafts in one session, giving you the natural results you want faster and with less downtime.

Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure
Single-day mega sessions for faster results
No use of scalpels, staples or sutures
Minimal discomfort 
Fast recovery, less downtime
No linear scars on the back of the head or temples
Natural-looking hairlines designed to complement your unique facial features
Dense packing
Flexibility in hairstyles
Long-lasting results
Experts at Helping You Look Your Best
At S3 Hair Transplant, we are experts in advanced FUE grafting techniques, focusing on both the artistic style and scientific precision. 

Each procedure is completely customized based on your unique hair loss pattern and facial structure. We work closely with you to map out the optimal placement of each graft to frame your face, complement your facial features, and give you natural-looking results with a faster recovery time. We are experts at helping you look your best.

Our experienced team, led by our hair transplant surgeon and assisted by our surgical technicians, complete the FUE procedure in four phases. 

Phase 1: Harvesting
We harvest individual follicular units, which contain approximately 1 to 4 hairs per unit. Our technicians then sort and sliver the grafts carefully using a microscope.

Phase 2: Design
Our hair transplant surgeon designs the hairline to match the client’s unique facial features.

Phase 3: Incisions
Our hair transplant surgeon makes incisions at precise locations and angles to allow for the placement of grafts to match the client’s natural hair and angulation.  

Phase 4: Implanting
Our experienced surgical technicians precisely implant the grafts for optimal results.

FUE Hair Restoration Results
After FUE hair restoration procedures at S3 Hair Transplant, our clients enjoy natural-looking hair that restores their confidence, and helps them look and feel younger!

FUE: The Most Advanced Technique For Hair Restoration

Benefits Of FUE Hair Restoration

Benefits Of FUE Include:

4 Phases Of FUE Hair Restoration


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Your FREE and confidential consultation takes place in a relaxing, no pressure environment. Double board certified and licensed MD's, Dr. Siddique and Dr. Shariff help you explore all possible options to achieve your goals. If you decide to take the next step, a customized treatment plan will be created for you. From your initial consultation to your post-op appointments, the MD's and their expert team are dedicated to making your hair transplant journey a positive one.


"My experience with S3 Hair Transplant was absolutely exceptional. I got a hair transplant done to fill my hairline and I am beyond happy with my results! My hairline finally looks full and even, especially when I wear my hair up in a ponytail. I love it! The doctors and the staff are extremely professional and nurturing. I’m so glad I ended up selecting S3 Hair Transplant to do this procedure, I can’t imagine how it could have been more perfect. I have already referred my family members to them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their hair!"

-Stephanie Rodriguez

"Everything was exceptional from the start. The doctor is very kind and really cares about your results. Highly recommend."

-krystal Mendez

"Flew in all the way from Tennessee because a friend recommended them. Price point was excellent and I am extremely pleased with my experience and results."

-Steve Hartline

"You know you’re in excellent hands when you have two doctors and not just one working on your head. They make a great team and I am extremely satisfied with my results."

-Roberto rodriguez Jr.